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Bee on Sunflower

Plants and Mold

It's ironic that plants filter and clean the atmosphere yet have the capabilities to promote abnormal mold activity within your home. This is as several different types of mold grow well within soil and decaying plant materials. Individuals that may…

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mold remediation completed

Why does Eradicator charge an inspection fee?

Typically, when a client reaches out to Eradicator for suspected water damage, mold inspection, mold testing, and/or mold remediation there are a few questions that are asked. Questions such as what is your service coverage area and scheduling information are…

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Mold and HVAC

Often there may be evidence of mold found on or around HVAC vent covers within the property. While speaking with Gavin (one of Eradicator Mold Remediation Services mold inspectors that has over a decade of experience within the mold industry)…

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Eradicator shirt

Mold Employees

Eradicator Mold Team Eradicator Mold Remediation Services nationally certified mold employees and consultants comprises of individuals who have excelled within their respectful fields for a great number of years. Our Human Resources Director has notable achievements within her field thus…

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Carpet removal Hurricane Ida

Freezing temperatures, Frozen Pipes, and Mold

In areas that experience below freezing temperatures it is essential to prevent flooding and mold from frozen pipes. This is necessary as flooding from water intrusion in most scenarios tends to be a costly expense. To increase the likely hood…

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water removal flooded basement

How long does Mold Remediation take

One question the experts at Eradicator Mold Remediation are guaranteed to get from our customers when discussing our services is "how long does mold remediation take"?  Often the answer is “it depends.” Each client's scenario is different and may require…

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mold in crawlspace

Crawlspace Mold Removal

A crawlspace is considered as the area in the home between the ground level and the first floor. Ideally it was created with several advantages in mind such as the ease of access to the home’s plumbing and electrical. It…

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Kitchen and mold

Kitchen Mold Removal

Eradicator is aware that the kitchen is a central area of the home. It is where a substantial amount of time is spent among friends and family to gather, prepare food, and to grab a quick snack or drink. Unfortunately,…

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Mold Garbage Cleanout

Flooding, Water Damage, and Mold

Eradicator is aware that accidents happen. In the case of a burst pipe that results in water damage or an act of nature that causes flooding. A slow leaking faucet that goes unnoticed for an extended period of time or…

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Children and mold

Visiting a Doctor for Mold-Related Concerns

Our children are our most precious commodities.  They help carry our blood line, and in that way they are our future.  When it comes to protecting the future, we should do everything in our power to keep our children out…

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