Mold Services


Visiting a Doctor for Mold-Related Concerns

Our children are our most precious commodities.  They help carry our blood line, and in that way they are our future.  When it comes to protecting the future, we should do everything in our power to keep our children out of danger.  But one danger in particular—mold—can be subtle.  With varying strains that have different […]
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Insurance and Mold

“Is this covered by Insurance?” is a question often posed to Eradicator inspectors by clients that have home insurance. Often our answer is “It depends, its best to ask your insurance agent.” The extent of mold coverage will depend on the insurance policy taken out by the insured. After further investigation a claim can be […]

Air Duct Cleaning

Eradicator prides itself in providing thorough mold inspections that assist in determining the existence of abnormal levels of mold activity. Through mold testing we are able to confirm scientifically the presence and levels of harmful mold yet often overlooked is the need to clean and sanitize the air ducts within the property as well as […]
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Mold and Insulation

Eradicator also assist its clients by replacing insulation that has been affected by mold spores. Insulation is an important building material. It is used to keep the interior of the home/business warm during winter months and cool during summer months. The uses it provides are essential to a property owner. Insulation plays a vital role […]

Mold and Carpets

As a mold removal company Eradicator’s mold employees are often faced with removing damaged building materials. Some of these building materials often will be determined unrestorable. With that being the case Eradicator mold has determined the need to assist clients that may require these items that were removed to be replaced. One such example is […]

Bathroom Mold Removal

Similarly, like the Attic and Basement, the Bathroom of a home is also considered an area that prompts a lot of concerns as far as the topic of mold. Within the bathroom the opportunity to utilize the options of hot and cold water can be considered as a necessary convenience, unfortunately this convenience also is […]

Waterproofing, French Drains, Sub Pump

  Eradicator primarily focuses on mold issues that prevents inhabitants from thoroughly enjoying the space they have invested in. To ensure that your property remains in good standing we also assist by providing preemptive methods that reduces the possibility of  your property being an ideal place for abnormal mold growth. These preemptive methods include waterproofing options as […]

Attic Mold Removal

The Attic is a common place where the growth of mold within a home is ideal. In most scenarios this area of the home is hardly used as compared to other areas (if used at all the Attic is usually used as a storage facility by most home owners). This scenario creates the issue where […]

Basement Mold Removal

Eradicator and its employees take pride in taking the necessary steps to remove abnormal levels of basement mold within a client’s property. One example of a specific area within the home that is mostly susceptible to abnormal mold growth is the basement. The basement of a property is usually underground and in certain weather climates […]

Black Mold Removal

Potential Black Mold Symptoms and Their Health Effects It is important to educate yourself about black mold symptoms and the potential health effects. This allows you to identify potential exposure to black mold and poisoning from black mold. Mold, especially black mold is a very dangerous and costly issue. There are a variety of health […]