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Kitchen Mold Removal

Kitchen Mold Removal

Eradicator is aware that the kitchen is a central area of the home. It is where a substantial amount of time is spent among friends and family to gather, prepare food, and to grab a quick snack or drink. Unfortunately, the kitchen is not off limits to areas that can contribute to abnormal mold growth within the home.


Mold in Kitchen

Kitchen appliances can contribute to abnormal mold growth. The dishwasher is an example of such equipment. If it breaks and disperses water throughout the kitchen, cellulose items such as wooden floors, molding, and drywall can be affected.  If not attended to in a quick and efficient manner, mold growth could occur.  Eradicator knows how to handle these emergency situations and can remediate the mold.  We also apply air movers and dehumidifiers to remove excess humidity along with any excess water that could contribute to future mold growth within the home.


Appliances in the kitchen that can cause mold growth


The refrigerator in your kitchen can also be a source of abnormal mold growth in the kitchen.  This can happen in a number of ways such as a faulty ice maker or water dispenser breaking and contributing to excess water leaking in the kitchen. Eradicator personnel have also come across scenarios where excess humidity that allows refrigerators and freezers to cool its contents can contribute to condensation. When increased moisture is combined with warmer temperatures within the kitchen along with a food source (drywall), mold will grow.


Additionally, most homeowners tend to place these appliances directly against the wall to maximize available space within the kitchen. To ensure there is no additional mold growth we highly suggest leaving space between the drywall and appliance that does not prevent normal air flow between these areas. This will ensure sufficient ventilation is occurring.


Mold growth on drywall behind fridge


If you are aware of any specific issues that are contributing to an abnormal level of fungal activity in your kitchen, feel free to contact Eradicator Mold Remediation Services. Our mold inspectors will address your concerns and determine if further action such as mold testing or mold remediation of your property is necessary.