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How long does Mold Remediation take

One question the experts at Eradicator Mold Remediation are guaranteed to get from our customers when discussing our services is “how long does mold remediation take”?  Often the answer is “it depends.” Each client’s scenario is different and may require different approaches to return their property to a normal level of fungal activity. Factors that […]

Visiting a Doctor for Mold-Related Concerns

Our children are our most precious commodities.  They help carry our blood line, and in that way they are our future.  When it comes to protecting the future, we should do everything in our power to keep our children out of danger.  But one danger in particular—mold—can be subtle.  With varying strains that have different […]
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Is Mold Remediation a taxable service?

    Eradicator Mold Remediation prides itself in providing a service that is sincere. We attempt to explain all steps in the mold remediation process and highlight what you should expect on completion of our services. A subject that has risen a few times from clients is the question “Is Mold remediation taxable within New […]
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Landlord, Rent, and Mold

Eradicator receives most of its clients from organizations and individuals that are buying and selling properties. Many of these abnormal mold scenarios are often highlighted by home inspectors who have been asked to assess the property to determine its actual value. If mold activity is noticed the home inspector will suggest that the client consult […]
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Children and Mold

Children are our most precious commodities.  They carry on all the hopes and dreams that we have for the world, and they are our most treasured joy in life.  As parents, we do everything we can to protect our children from harm.  The very day they are born, we begin taking precautions to protect them.  […]
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Pregnancy and Mold

Eradicator is aware that pregnancy is a special and joyous time shared between those involved.  It involves the excitement of bringing a newborn into the world to raise and love.  Nonetheless, pregnancy can also trigger anxieties depending on the circumstances as there is much to consider when pregnant, including the safety of certain foods, vaccines, […]
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Foreclosures and Mold

The fluctuating housing market in New Jersey has created many foreclosures, so much so that an abandoned home is not an uncommon sight. It is estimated that there are currently 68,0000 homes within New Jersey that are in the foreclosure process. The end result of these scenarios is the property being bank owned. With the […]
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