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Crawlspace Mold Removal

Crawlspace Mold Removal

A crawlspace is considered as the area in the home between the ground level and the first floor. Ideally it was created with several advantages in mind such as the ease of access to the home’s plumbing and electrical. It derived the name crawlspace as it is usually large enough to crawl around at 1- 4 feet in height. Even though the height of this area may make it difficult to work Eradicators mold team is more than capable in assisting.


Unfortunately, this part of the home is not off limits to abnormal mold activity. Its located directly above the ground which makes the area susceptible to flooding and lack of sunlight. There is also the possibility of water evaporation if there is no vaper barrier to mitigate or prevent condensation. Like other areas of the home, it’s constructed with items that may become mold affected such as drywall, insulation, wooden beams and so on. 

mold growth observed on crawlspace ceiling beam


Crawlspace and Excess Humidity

Additionally, the crawlspace may become affected as excess humidity and/or water intrusion from cinderblock walls that are not waterproofed may be a source. Even though cinderblock is considered to be the least porous of building materials (similar to drywall, molding and other items that can become mold affected) it also has the ability for air and water to pass through it. Waterproofing of cinderblock walls are necessary to do externally as well as internally to prevent efflorescence, water intrusion, and excess humidity.


water intrusion in crawlspace


If you are aware of any issues within your crawlspace feel free to contact Eradicator mold remediation services. Once our certified mold inspector has reviewed your issues we will promptly provide a detailed proposal with the necessary steps to resolve your concerns. Once the mold remediation process has been completed we will provide a transferable warranty for services provided.