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Mold and HVAC

Often there may be evidence of mold found on or around HVAC vent covers within the property. While speaking with Gavin (one of Eradicator Mold Remediation Services mold inspectors that has over a decade of experience within the mold industry) he advised that “this may be a design flaw within the vent covers that blocks the free flow of air from the HVAC unit. This is in turn causes air and moisture to be trapped that leads to the buildup of condensation. Over time this can result in abnormal mold activity forming on and around the vent covers.”


Bathroom Ceiling Vent

Mold and HVAC Ducts

Additionally, what can also occur is the HVAC ducts having the same consistency as what was noted on the vent covers, this is an accumulation of abnormal mold activity occurring. What is more alarming is the fact that over time if your HVAC unit is not maintained and regularly cleaned (Eradicator recommends changing filters on your HVAC unit every 6-12 months) the accrual of dust mites, dirt, pet hair, dander, and other materials occurs. This combined with mold spores within your HVAC system is now providing compromised heat and ventilation throughout your home.


Mold on back of air duct vent

Eradicator recommends being diligent in observing the area around and in your HVAC unit vent covers and within the ducts. If you notice evidence of dust or evidence of mold activity occurring, then be aware of these warning signs. These are indicators that you may have a potential mold problem developing. This problem may affect the air quality within the home and the occupants may begin to suffer from respiratory issues. If so, we recommend you contact an air duct cleaning service provider or contact us to assist with advising the necessary steps to resolve this situation. 

Eradicator Mold Remediation Services was formed with a passion to assist property owners eliminate damage that has been created by the after effects of water and moisture intrusion.

As a property owner your residential and/or commercial establishment is an investment. Eradicator understands the need to keep and maintain this value requires consistent attention to details. Our nationally certified staff understands that the presence of mold compromises such. We follow EPA guidelines and apply remediation protocols. Rest assure that our competent staff will do what ever it takes within our scope to restore and/or preserve that which is dear to your heart.

We are fully insured and NJ state certified. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as our CEO consistently states “If the customer is happy then we will be happy.” As an organization we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we consistently strive to outperform our competitors by ensuring that with sincerity, honesty, and professionalism we uphold our Oath of Ethics. Whenever you are faced with a mold issue choose Eradicator Mold Remediation Services.

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