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Basement mold remediation

Basement Mold Removal

Eradicator and its employees take pride in taking the necessary steps to remove abnormal levels of basement mold within a client’s property. One example of a specific area within the home that is mostly susceptible to abnormal mold growth is the basement. The basement of a property is usually underground and in certain weather climates this can result in being cold in the winter and cooler in the summer months. This type of atmosphere creates an increase in humidity that may provide the right scenario for abnormal mold growth.

Failing Sump Pump and Basement Mold

Mold growth observed on basement drywall and crown moldings

Additionally, the basement is highly susceptible to water intrusion. Sump pumps are located within this part of the home. The purpose of the sump pump is to remove excess water from the property’s foundation. As like any mechanical device it has the ability to fail and if this does occur excess water that should have been removed from the home has now compromised the home’s foundation. If this issue does occur and the property owner is unaware or pays no attention then this scenario can cause abnormal mold issues to develop.

Faulty Windows, Gutters, Downspouts and Basement Mold

Mold growth on drywall being removed due to faulty window that causes water intrusion when it rains

With the basement also being underground several other scenarios can lead to abnormal mold growth. If the property has faulty windows then excess water can seep into the home without the knowledge of the property owner. Windows should be properly caulked and maintained to prevent excess water from compromising the home’s foundation. Gutters and Down spouts should also be maintained or upgraded to ensure water is effectively being removed from the property and not seeping into the home’s foundation. An indicator of water intrusion from the exterior of the property is Efflorescence. This is the white powdery substance found on cinderblock walls within basements. This substance is formed from water travelling through cinderblock walls and drying on the surface leaving behind the minerals. Even though this is not mold, efflorescence is an indicator that the conditions are perfect for abnormal mold activity to occur. 

Efflorescence witnessed on walls is not mold but it highlights that the conditions are perfect for mold growth

With all these scenario’s the presence of excess moisture and/or water may lead to abnormal levels of mold activity once porous materials such as drywall has become absorbed. If this is not fixed quickly then the scenario created can lead to devastating results. If you are aware of issues mentioned that may compromise your property’s structure then immediately investigate as well as contact Eradicator’s personnel to determine if our services are right for your scenario.  An Eradicator mold inspector will review your property, determine if mold testing is necessary, and provide a list of mold removal protocols we will utilize to effectively remove the affected materials that are unrestorable and return your home to a normal level of fungal activity.

Eradicator Mold Remediation Services was formed with a passion to assist property owners eliminate damage that has been created by the after effects of water and moisture intrusion.

As a property owner your residential and/or commercial establishment is an investment. Eradicator understands the need to keep and maintain this value requires consistent attention to details. Our nationally certified staff understands that the presence of mold compromises such. We follow EPA guidelines and apply remediation protocols. Rest assure that our competent staff will do what ever it takes within our scope to restore and/or preserve that which is dear to your heart.

We are fully insured and NJ state certified. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as our CEO consistently states “If the customer is happy then we will be happy.” As an organization we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we consistently strive to outperform our competitors by ensuring that with sincerity, honesty, and professionalism we uphold our Oath of Ethics. Whenever you are faced with a mold issue choose Eradicator Mold Remediation Services.

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