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Black Mold Removal

Potential Black Mold Symptoms and Their Health Effects

It is important to educate yourself about black mold symptoms and the potential health effects. This allows you to identify potential exposure and poisoning from such. Mold, especially Stachybotrys is a very dangerous and costly issue. There are a variety of health issues that arise from prolonged exposure and if left unchecked then it can turn into black mold poisoning.

mold on attic sheathing


How Black Mold Grows in Your Home

Commonly, this type of mold arises from incidents in the home such as water damage that is not properly cleaned up. This type of mold grows in construction materials in your home such as carpet, drywall, sub-flooring, insulation, and other porous surfaces that absorb and are susceptible to water exposure. As it grows or disturbed, black mold releases spores. These spores are then released into the air and if not addressed are inhaled by you and/or your family. At best these spores cause a variety of unpleasant physical health symptoms. At worst, these symptoms can cause death and/or pose a serious health hazard.


mold growth on insulation in bathroom


Respiratory Effects

The respiratory system is the most commonly affected body system. Common black mold symptoms include chronic sneezing and coughing, irritation of the throat, nose, and eyes, chronic fatigue, rashes, and persistent headaches.


How Symptoms Become Dangerous

Black mold symptoms can become dangerous in several ways. The first is prolonged exposure. Many of the surfaces that we mentioned black mold grows on are not initially obvious. This is due to the fact of amateur efforts to clean up water intrusion. Simply putting fans in a room and mopping up the water can dry surfaces that you see. The danger is in the moisture in affected areas that are unseen. This is often on the interior of drywall and around the wood framework in walls and floors. The mold grows without you even noticing it. Eventually, you will be able to see it as it moves to the exterior of these areas. By that time, you have already been exposed for some time.

The second way that symptoms become dangerous is when they are combined with an existing health issue. If you have an underlying respiratory issue, that is compounded by the spores, this can cause more severe symptoms such as bleeding in the lungs and nose, vomiting, and nausea.


How to Prevent Black Mold Symptoms

It is imperative to protect your family from potentially dangerous exposure. If you have water damage in your home from things like improper yard drainage that floods part of your home, broken plumbing, overflowing of a bathtub, etc. or flooding then consult a qualified cleanup professional such as Eradicator’s certified remediation experts. We are able to administer tests that determine the presence of mold and take steps to ensure that it doesn’t become an issue for you. If you think that you might already have black mold you are not doomed. Eradicator’s mold experts can still test and provide mold remediation services that can remove the mold from your home. Keep in mind, the longer black mold goes unchecked then the more it may affect the inhabitants as well as increase the cost of removing.