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Why choose us for your New Jersey Mold Removal and Mold Testing

When it comes to removing harmful mold from your house or from your business it is very important that you get the right mold professional for the job. Any mold removal process needs to be done with care to prevent the spread of mold and to ensure that the mold spores doesn’t make its way into the air. Improper mold removal can result in damages to your health and cause harmful long term health effects if the mold activity has not successfully been removed.

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Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Eradicator mold professionals for your mold removal, mold inspections, and/or mold testing services.


Eradicator Mold bullet point Experience
Eradicator provides experienced mold professionals for mold removal services: Eradicator mold employees are professionals that bring experience as well as certifications. In our field experience plays a huge role. An experienced mold remediation specialist will be able to determine if waterproofing solutions are necessary as well as provide protocols how we will remove any possible mold activity. Eradicator experienced mold employees also will be able to identify harmful mold and remove it with the utmost care. 


Eradicator Mold bullet point Guarantee/Warranty
Eradicator offers you a guarantee for mold services provided: By choosing Eradicator our clients will receive our Certificate of Completion which provides a warranty for work completed and is transferable to new owners if the property is sold. This is our promise to you that we stand by our workmanship as well as a reminder to our clients of the integrity of the service provided.


Eradicator Mold bullet point Fully Insured 
We are fully insured: It’s an accident because it’s unplanned and likely unforeseen. Only trust mold remediators that are fully insured. In the event an incident occurred that caused damage to your property rest assured that Eradicator has the necessary coverage to replace or restore. As a client this provides a peace of mind in the event of an accident occurring. Feel free to request our proof of Insurance when relying on our mold services.


Eradicator Mold bullet point Correct Equipment 
Eradicator mold employees have the right equipment: Removing harmful mold without the proper mold safety equipment and professional mold cleaning equipment can be extremely harmful to your health. Rest assured that Eradicator mold removal experts are able to remove mold more quickly, safely, and with a far greater chance of eliminating mold permanently than if done by yourself or by an incompetent contractor.


Eradicator Mold bullet point Educate 
Eradicator mold professionals provide you with instructions for the future: Our mold experts will provide suggestions during the initial mold inspection and for the future as well. Included are also simple instructions on how you can continue to eliminate abnormal mold activity in your home or office. It’s this expert advice that sets us apart from others and will help prevent mold from reappearing.


Eradicator Mold bullet point Contracts
With a legally binding contract in place Eradicator Mold remediation specialists will not only remove mold but expeditiously follow the methods that are listed in the agreed contract. Our mold experts will also complete in the time frame that was highlighted with a guarantee. This provides our clients with the confidence that if the mold removal completed is compromised we are legally bound to return and remove for the life of the warranty.


Eradicator Mold bullet point Sincerity
Eradicator does not support excessive pricing: “Providing quality service at competitive prices.” Some of our competitors are notorious for charging excessive prices for mold removal that are justified with unnecessary additional work and length of completion. Eradicator does not partake in these practices. Unlike others we are not a jack of all trades, more so we consider ourselves as water damage restoration and mold specialists that focus primarily on the topic of inspecting properties for abnormal mold activity, testing for mold, and removing mold.


Rather than risking your health for the future or the chance that mold might return, contact us today for certified water damage restoration, mold removal, mold testing, and mold inspections services. Eradicator has the experience and the credentials to remove items affected by water damage and mold from your home or business efficiently and safely.

Eradicator Mold Remediation Services was formed with a passion to assist property owners eliminate damage that has been created by the after effects of water and moisture intrusion.

As a property owner your residential and/or commercial establishment is an investment. Eradicator understands the need to keep and maintain this value requires consistent attention to details. Our nationally certified staff understands that the presence of mold compromises such. We follow EPA guidelines and apply remediation protocols. Rest assure that our competent staff will do what ever it takes within our scope to restore and/or preserve that which is dear to your heart.

We are fully insured and NJ state certified. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as our CEO consistently states “If the customer is happy then we will be happy.” As an organization we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we consistently strive to outperform our competitors by ensuring that with sincerity, honesty, and professionalism we uphold our Oath of Ethics. Whenever you are faced with a mold issue choose Eradicator Mold Remediation Services.

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