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Freezing temperatures, Frozen Pipes, and Mold

In areas that experience below freezing temperatures it is essential to prevent flooding and mold from frozen pipes. This is necessary as flooding from water intrusion in most scenarios tends to be a costly expense. To increase the likely hood pipes remain unfrozen and don’t flood your property Eradicator recommends:


Eradicator Mold bullet point Increasing the heat by turning up the thermostat.

Eradicator Mold bullet point Allowing water to lightly drip/ trickle from faucets.

Eradicator Mold bullet point Opening cabinets under sinks and where there are pipes to ensure warm air is in circulation. 

Eradicator Mold bullet point Utilizing insulation to keep pipes warm especially along exterior walls.  


Flooding from frozen pipes

Flooding from frozen pipes also has the potential to cause health concerns. Abnormal mold activity may occur in wet building materials that are not dried, removed promptly, and/or unattended to for an extended period of time. This includes drywall, baseboard molding, carpeting along with padding, and any other cellulose items.


Discarded items that were flooded because of frozen pipes


Insurance and Flooding

If flooding does occur, you may be covered. Your insurance company may play a role in assisting with the clean-up and restoration of your property. For best results keep in mind it is the property owner’s responsibility in ensuring that they were not negligent in causing pipes to be frozen. We recommend following Eradicator recommendations during below freezing temperatures. By doing so you may prevent flooding and potential abnormal mold activity.


Discarded items that were flooded because of frozen pipes being disposed


Eradicator is aware that accidents occur. We recommend that if you live in an area where below freezing temperatures occur that you take the necessary precautions to prevent frozen pipes. Nevertheless, if flooding occurs due to frozen pipes and you need assistance with the drying and removal of affected items, feel free to contact us. We will not only dry down the area but we will also remove and dispose of the affected items. While doing so we will ensure that we inspect for potential mold growth while applying mold prevention methods.

Eradicator Mold Remediation Services was formed with a passion to assist property owners eliminate damage that has been created by the after effects of water and moisture intrusion.

As a property owner your residential and/or commercial establishment is an investment. Eradicator understands the need to keep and maintain this value requires consistent attention to details. Our nationally certified staff understands that the presence of mold compromises such. We follow EPA guidelines and apply remediation protocols. Rest assure that our competent staff will do what ever it takes within our scope to restore and/or preserve that which is dear to your heart.

We are fully insured and NJ state certified. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and as our CEO consistently states “If the customer is happy then we will be happy.” As an organization we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we consistently strive to outperform our competitors by ensuring that with sincerity, honesty, and professionalism we uphold our Oath of Ethics. Whenever you are faced with a mold issue choose Eradicator Mold Remediation Services.

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